Wildfire and Trout

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Forest fires often directly affect water quality in nearby streams and other bodies of water.  These direct influences are also considered immediate effects, as they are manifest either during fire or very shortly thereafter.  There are many reports of fish killed during or shortly after a wildfire.

Fish kills tend to be greater with increasing fire severity in the streamside vegetation and decreasing stream size.  Complete loss of fish from a stretch of stream, however rare, is most likely to occur in very small tributaries “cooked” by intense fire.

Only time will tell if the Gilead Fire (click here) will have taken it’s toll on the South Fork of Rock Creek.



The Gilead Fire began with a lightning strike August 14 on the Bighorn National Forest, about 10 miles northwest of Buffalo, Wyoming.

On September 4th, the wind picked up and the fire intensified.

As of September 7th, the fire has been contained on HF Bar Ranch property.  However, the fire is still wide-spread and has the potential to grow.  Please click here for Gilead Fire updates or call Rock Creek Anglers (888-945-3876) for up to date reports. (Photos by Sam McChesney and Clark Smyth, 2012).


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