Warmer days and dusty waders

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After a long and cold winter, warmer days remind us that spring is on its way.  The change in seasons brings open water and an opportunity to dust off the waders and spend a few hours looking for trout.


Fly-fishing during this time of year can be hit and miss.  Warm, calm days can provide optimal conditions this time of year and finding fish can be easy.  Nevertheless,  fishing can (as always) be slow, making you feel as if there’s nothing alive below the surface of the water.  However, early-season fly-fishing can have its virtues.


First, there is usually little or no fishing pressure this time of year.  Fewer anglers give rise to less wary fish.


The trout haven’t seen many flies over the last few months, and this can make them more eager to take an offering.  When conditions are favorable, you might run into a short-lived afternoon hatch, but don’t count on it.

Spring Bow

Hatches do occur this time of year albeit somewhat rare which tends to mean that nymphing or streamer fishing are the best options when targeting early-season trout.

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