Spring Break

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Which “Breaker” are you?

Spring Break is upon us and “Spring Breakers” all over the country are headed somewhere, typically warm, to have a little fun. From Key West to Cancun, Breakers will be lining up to spend too much money drinking.  While the angler within forces us realize what truly is important, it’s not surprising that we take a somewhat different perspective when the urge to experience the ‘American Spring Break’ sweeps the nation.

Spring break tends to highlight college aged coeds taking a “break” from overindulgence to travel somewhere warmer to overindulge.

Between tax preparation, and scheduling fishing trips, the “break” the angler needs should look something more like this:

Spring Break is more often than not, NOT a good deal.  Airlines know spring break, and if you follow the fares, the difference between March ‘deals’ and April’s are stark.  Even if you DIY (do it yourself) tickets, meals, lodging and adult beverages can add up quickly.  For as much money as you spend on a flight, you might as well spend the time driving 2,875 miles and come visit us in Wyoming and let Rock Creek Anglers show you what Spring in Wyoming is really like:

Spring break is meant  to be relaxing and tranquil.  Rather than feeling like this:

  Why not try this:

At the end of the day, it comes down to priorities.  Most anglers have their priorities in order, we hope you do too.  So talk to a real travel guide:

And find a destination that can offer so much more for the traveling angler.  We hope to see you in Wyoming, or perhaps elsewhere, sometime soon!


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